Sling Clinic

Sling Library, Workshops and Consultations

Our mission

To normalise and promote safe carrying of babies through to preschoolers..
To offer expertise and advice on how to use carriers.
To provide carers a chance to try or rent a carrier and find one that best suits their needs.


Once Monthly Saturday Library Sessions 

Spark 99, Myddleton Rd



Our locations


Highgate Family Centre

  • Library sessions

    Once a month

    Saturdays 1030-1330pm

    99 Myddleton Rd, London N22 8NE, UK

    Confirmed dates:

    2nd March (we are at carry on london – please visit ) so no library session

    4th May 2019

    1st  Jun 2019 (we are at The Wrap show 2019 – please visit so no library session

    6th July 2019

    3rd August (we are on our holidays with our respective families) so no library session

    7th Sep 2019

    5th Oct 2019

    2nd Nov 2019

    7th Dec 2019

  • Workshops

    Workshops are a great way to hone your skills and focus your learning with an experienced baby wearing consultant. Generally it comprises of demonstrations as well as a chance to give things a try with a weighted doll and your baby under supervision.
    In general they cost £20 for a two hour session. Maximum of 6 babies and 12 adults per class. Topics include:
    – Getting your little one safely onto your back
    – Supporting to breastfeed safely in a carrier

    For dates and topics please visit fb … It is essential to book your place to avoid disappointment.

  • Consultations

    Sling Clinic have a number of recommended baby wearing consultants that can be booked for a one on one consultation. To enquire please contact us +44 7789 402284