• Our Consultants volunteer to provide free 15-20 minute consultations at the library every week.
    For a more in depth service, you may want to meet them privately outside the library hours. Usually our consultants will travel to you, but if the distance is far, they may ask for travel expenses.

  • Consultation Menu

    One to One

    (90-120 minutes £55)

    This is designed for one baby and their parents. We’ll discuss your requirements before offering demos of different types of slings/carriers. You then get the chance to practice with your baby if you wish or a weighted demo doll.

  • Sling coffee morning (Paired and Group Consultations)

    (120 minutes £60)

    Maximum of 4 babies in a group
    This is designed for groups of similar aged babies. Content of consultation is usually focused on one topic or carry and remains as close to a one-to one consultation as possible.

  • How are you getting on?

    (30-60 minutes £25)

    (Follow Up Consultations – one baby)
    This appointment is for people who have previously had a consultation but want more advice,support or practice. This should be booked within 4 weeks of the first consultation.

  • Baby’s on their way!

    (90-120 minutes £55)

    Sling demo
    This is aimed at expectant parents who want to be introduced to different slings before their baby is born. We’ll go through the benefits of carrying before showing you different styles of carriers on the market and how they work.

  • For consultations contact:

    Azizah Attard (
    Or 07789402284